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Entering into a home sale transaction can be one of most stressful things a family does.  Not only is there great cost involved, the act of moving comes with hundreds of decisions, requires careful planning considerations and involves the trust of many service providers.
Placing yourself in the hands of a trusted advisor to manage your transaction will allow you to enjoy the process - it's an exciting time!  There is both and "art" and "science" to the sale and purchase of real estate. 
Is this the right time to sell your property or purchase your next residence?  The decision is personal and depends on a number of circumstances, both yours and that of the general economy and home sale market.
A home consultation may be the appropriate first step for you.  Perhaps there are considerations not immediately evident that would make a real difference for your family's long-term economic well being.  If you're thinking about a purchase, do you know your "buying power"?  It may be better than you thought.  If considering a sale, it's important to note that all markets are local and in many cases neighborhood-specific.  What you hear in the "news" may not be apply to you in the way it is presented to the broader listening audience.
With today's low interest rates, great selection and reasonable prices, it's a great time to be in the real estate market. 
It would be my pleasure to offer you my complimentary home sale or purchase consultation.
Let's get started today.  Contact me directly at 610.363.4051 or by going here
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